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We yearn,

and become the yearning.

We hope, and become the hoping.

We listen, and become the listening.

-Teague Skye

Inside each one of our children and young people are capacities often no one knows about. As educators and counselors, it is up to us to help our children cultivate what we all know is there – the most obvious abilities and talents. But I believe it is also our responsibility to take the time and energy to care enough to discover the hidden aspects that lie dormant until they are revealed.

I have discovered a hidden genius waiting, frustrated and bound, in even the most disheartened of children. Most youth will wholeheartedly engage in discovering and cultivating this certain genius if they are shown how by an adult who cares. It is up to us to guide them toward that genius, to teach by example how to nurture it, so that when we send them off into the larger world they have more of themselves to share.

transformative coach.

Master educator Teague Skye  guides young folks and others in transition through a thorough self assessment process culminating in an action plan inclusive of funding sources and a realization of dreams.

curriculum design and implementation.

Individually designed integrated studies, thematic studies, writing across the disciplines, social-emotional learning strategies, mindful practices, new teacher coaching.

exemplary writing services.

As we journey through the world, we see ourselves, our world, more truly when we have the opportunity to process and share. We write to create and realize further possibilities. 

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