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transitional services.

Wondering what’s next? 

Want to go to college but don’t know where to start? 

Overwhelmed with the process of discernment?  

Need help assessing possibilities for employment?  

Wishing you had a coach for all of this?

We can help you

✹ create an action plan ✹ assess capacities ✹ nail essays and interviews

As a doctor, I recognize that the greatest challenge I have faced was mounting the courage to set foot on this journey to begin with. For that, I owe unending gratitude to Teague. In collaboration with me and unending patience with my family, she transformed the daunting process of applying to college into a structured, goal- oriented dialogue—facilitating the application process while redirecting the conversation to tease out my reservations, questions and goals.

As a lifelong educator, administrator and writer, Teague is uniquely qualified to navigate the application season, providing both insight and structure to an otherwise chaotic process. From choosing schools, organizing task lists, establishing deadlines and reviewing, editing and honing personal statements, Ms Hartford helped to focus my application to reflect the most sincere representation of myself. Most importantly, she acted as my sounding board, offering a sense of security from the moment pen first touched paper to the unnerving and relieving finale of submitting what was the most comprehensive, self-reported summation of myself to date.

Without reserve, I urge any student facing the same overwhelming ambivalence or sheer lack of organizational skills that I experienced in regards to the college application process to consider the services provided by Teague and reallearning. You will not be disappointed.

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S. Miles Grovenburg M.D.
Internal Medicine Specialist

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